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Radost Borzoi Females

“Isadora”  a/k/a “Izzy”

IzzypupsforBCOA Yearbook


Owners: Lynda Cattoni Sarman & Rebecca Peters-Campbell
Breeder: Rebecca Peters-Campbell (Kinobi Borzoi)
DOB: September 30, 2003
Sire: Silkenswift Black Aster, SC “Aster”
Dam: BIS MBISS Am. Can CH Kyrov Kinobi Dancing Star, JC  “Dani”

Pedigree: View Izzy’s Pedigree Here

Izzy’s Health Clearances

AKC DNA Profile: V626318
OFA# BZ-DM397/93F-PI  tested for DM – Normal  07/21/11
Microchip# AVID  069127056

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“La Vida”  a/k/a “Vida”

A La Vida Group 1 91811 lg

M Group placing Am. CH Radost La Vida Dulce

Owners: Lynda Cattoni Sarman & Susan Pickerton
Breeders: Lynda C. Sarman, Karen Murray, and Janice McMinn
DOB: October 29, 2009
Sire: MBIS MBISS GCH CH Aashtoria Wildhunt Hidden Agenda, CGC
Dam: MBOSS MGroup placing GCH CH Kansai’Z Elsa

Pedigree: View La Vida’s Pedigree Here

La Vida’s Health Clearances

AKC DNA Profile:  V626315         CHIC#:  97187  – May 1, 2014
OFA# BZ-DM230/13F-PI OFA DM test – Normal 12/10
OFA# BZ-TH568/26F-VPI Thyroid –   Normal  02/12
OFA# BZ-CA1117/45F/P-VPI  Heart – Normal 09/13
OFA# BZ-EYE105/53F-VPI  CERF – Normal 4/25/2014
Microchip# Home Again: 985121004779813

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Radost Kinobi Dancing With The Stars

Owners/Breeders: Lynda C. Sarman (Radost Borzoi) & Rebecca Peters-Campbell (Kinobi Borzoi)
DOB: October 29, 2009
Sire:  Am. CH Kansai’Z Fane “Fane”
Dam: Kinobi Stardance Radost, JC “Izzy”

Pedigree: View Adele’s Pedigree Here

Adele’s Health Clearances

AKC DNA Profile: V626313
OFA DM test Normal    BZ-DM1004/55F-PI
Microchip# Home Again: 985121005294972

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Horse and Hound Sarzana Radost

Owner: Lynda C. Sarman
DOB: November 09, 2011
Sire: Am. CH Radost White Rock “Winoc”
Dam: Am. Ch. Kansai’Z Ride Of The Valkyrie “Valkyrie”

Pedigree: View Sarzana’s Pedigree Here

Sarzana’s Health Clearance

AKC DNA Profile:   V725379
CHIC NUMBER:  111437

OFA DM Test: Normal    BZ-DM1003/30F-PI
CERF Test: Normal    BZ-EYE298/50F-VPI
OFA HEART Test: Normal    BZ-CA1344/50F/P-VPI
OFA THYROID Test: Normal BZ-TH870/50F-VPI

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Can. CH Horse and Hound Pisa Radost

Owner: Lynda C. Sarman (Radost Borzoi)
Breeder: Pam Buffington
DOB: November 09, 2011
Sire: Am. CH Radost White Rock “Winoc”
Dam: Am. CH Kansai’Z Ride Of The Valkyrie
Pedigree:  View Prima’s Pedigree & Photos Here

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